Shannon DeSouza - Power Boost Your Visibility

Topic: Power Boost Your Visibility 

Shannon is a sales and marketing professional who has been in the entrepreneurial space for over a decade.

In this training, we will be discussing what is working in social media marketing to get visible in 2021.

We will be discussing Instagram & Clubhouse primarily to grow and nurture your audience.

About Shannon DeSouza:

Recently awarded with Connect Corporate’s Top 40 under 40 award, Shannon DeSouza over a decade of paralleled experience in the event and technology industries, with a rich background in sales and marketing. A previous successful entrepreneur, Shannon founded and ran her own events company for ten years and was acquired in 2015. Today, Shannon leads her own digital marketing firm focused on using "modern tech to power boost your pipeline" and travels the world as an international speaker teaching people about winning lead generation strategies, revenue event marketing, ROI based social media management.




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