Rasheda Khatun Khan - Financial Wellness

Topic: 5 Steps to Improve Your Financials

Have a Money Plan that works for you. An easy 5 step process that’s designed to help you improve your financial position now. Have crystal clear clarity around how you want your life to look like and how to use money to help you get there.
When you complete the exercises in this course you will end up with a clear plan for you to revisit, review and amend, so you can always ensure that you are moving closer to your financial goals.
About Rasheda Khatun Khan:

With over 15 years’ experience working with businesses and individuals as a financial advisor in corporate banking, a leadership and personal development trainer and a debt panellist for The National, Rasheda is known to many as a wealth & wellness inspiration.

Thousands have benefited from her work to empower people with the education, tools and resources needed to live a healthy and wealthy life. She has hosted a number of events and corporate training functions in the UAE, Qatar, UK, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Singapore. These particular experiences have given her an expertise in financial and wellness empowerment.

In the midst of her success and to everyone’s total surprise, in 2006 26 year old Rasheda learnt that she was riddled with cancer from her diaphragm to the top of her skull - chances of survival were slim. Ever since then, Rasheda has avidly worked to live a better and richer life and to teach others the life changing lessons she only realized herself after being diagnosed with cancer.

Rasheda is a lover of life, a visionary full of passion, an educator and a philanthropist at heart.




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