Oxana Romanyuk - Systems By Design

Topic: Systems By Design

Are You Ready to Make Your Business Growth a Priority? Are You Looking to Bring More Order To Your Chaos?

Oxana Romanyuk is talking about creating systems in your business in this training.


About Oxana Romanyuk:

Oxana Romanyuk is founder and CEO of Remote Rockstars® that offers high-end online business management and professional virtual assistant services to visionary entrepreneurs, industry experts, and coaches. Oxana works with her home-grown team of rockstar account managers and virtual assistants, helping entrepreneurs systematize and grow their businesses.

Oxana is a certified Online Business Manager and a proud member of the International Association of Online Business Managers and Association of Virtual Assistants. She’s trained countless virtual assistants and has helped multiple entrepreneurs grow their businesses, reach more people, and impact the world.




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