Julie Boyer - Grow Your Business Through Gratitude

Topic: Grow Your Business Through Gratitude

Do you feel like you’re doing all the right things, but your business isn’t growing? Have you tried starting a gratitude practice and it didn’t stick? Are you still wondering why your customer loyalty is dropping? A few simple gratitude upgrades might be what you’re missing.

About "Julie Boyer":

Julie Boyer is the host of the Wake Up With Gratitude™ podcast, an Intuitive Biz + Health Coach and three-time Amazon Best-Selling Author. Julie has practiced gratitude for more than a decade and founded Wake Up With Gratitude™ in 2017: Your source for gratitude inspiration, photos, prints, thank-you cards, workshops and more. This business was born after she survived a week-long coma due to a bacterial infection after her (second) miscarriage. That life-threatening experience taught her that every single day is a gift. Julie currently lives on Vancouver Island, where she balances several home-based businesses while homeschooling her 11-year-old daughter. Her mission is to inspire you to ‘Wake Up With Gratitude™’ … every day!




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